Health Economics Centre (HEC)


The Health Economics Centre (HEC) was established in the Faculty of Economic & Social Studies in April 1999. It is a joint project between the University of Khartoum and the World Health Organisation (WHO), serving Sudan and the other 21 Member-States of the WHO East Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO). The Centre's charter empowers it to admit and register candidates for a Postgraduate Diploma and higher degrees (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) in Health Economics as an interdisciplinary specialization dealing with the socio-economic costs and return of health and health care services.

Justification of Establishment of the Centre

  •  Health Economics is an important discipline, which emerged in 1940s of the past century. Yet, specialists in this field are scarce and rare in the East Mediterranean Region including Sudan. The first batch of 17 Postgraduate Diploma students who graduated in July 2001 was one of the biggest moves to relieve this shortage. Most of these graduates expressed interest to pursue further studies in this field.
  •  The WHO expressed readiness to sponsor studies in this field from various EMRO countries.
  •  The Centre plans to benefit further from the host of scholars specialized in this field and related disciplines in the University of Khartoum as well as other universities and centres in Sudan, EMRO countries and prominent centres elsewhere.
  •  The Centre's Library contains a diversity of books, periodicals, studies, and articles covering the field of health economics and related subjects. In addition, the students at the centre have the opportunity to make use of the libraries and facilities in related faculties in the University of Khartoum and other universities.